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14 05 2010

As a Blanquerna Alumni and current graduate student and International Ambassador of Emerson College in Boston, I am very proud to be presenting my projects on crisis management at the International Congress on Research in Public Relations hosted in Barcelona.

A group of students from Emerson College have travelled all the way to Barcelona to participate in an international program regarding global communications. During this two-week program, we are attending seminars, visiting companies and institutions of the field, and talking to professionals of the industry.

Also, we have developed an online platform to cover the Congress and interview all guests, who are kindly contributing to our project, Barcelona Press 2010. Along with the team at Llums de la Ciutat, we are now expanding this platform and including the very best Barcelona style of communication.

In a networked world such as ours, collaboration and mutual understanding between international institutions is, without doubt, the best way to approach projects. This program is giving all of us a broader perspective and the chance of intertwining concepts of both cultures. I am sure it will be an excellent experience and it will report positively on all of us!

– Ada Renedo


The Big Day Is Finally Here!

13 05 2010

Today marked the first day of the V Congress on Research in Public Relations. The Emerson College team has worked extremely hard in anticipation for this conference and we were excited to finally share our projects and ideas with some of Spain´s most prominent figures. Industry experts from both Spain and other countries were present to give their two cents about the trends and challenges that face the public relations field.

The day´s events opened with a welcome and overview from Blanquera´s leading professors, including Miquel Tresserras, Joan Manuel Tresserras, Antionio Castillo, Josep Rom, and Enric Ordeix. Then at 10:30 AM, we had a choice of three different panels:

– ¨Academic Innovation in Public Relations¨
– ¨Social Media and Public Relations 2.0¨
– ¨Advertising and Public Relations¨

Even though there was a language barrier (the panelists spoke in Spanish), we were incredibly impressed by the wealth of knowledge and expertise. The second set of panel discussions to choose from were equally, if not more interesting. Conference participants had the option of choosing from:

– ¨Institution Relations and Protocol¨
– ¨Movies and Public Relations¨
– ¨Student Presentations¨

Congratulations to fellow Emersonians Annie Huff, Sruthi Vijayan, Ada Renedo and Daniel Tick who wowed the audience with their presentations!

Looking forward to day 2 of International Conference

13 05 2010

At the conference today, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview established members from the field of public relations. Students from both, Blanquerna and Emerson had the opportunity to talk about some of the communication projects undertaken during their school terms.

Students and professors actively participated in exchanging their views and experiences of the field of public relations. Though most of the conference was conducted in Spanish, we had an articulate translator, Olga who studies jounalism in Blanquerna. The conference will also give great exposure to students who can showcase their works through this event.

Hello world!

13 05 2010

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